Managed F5 Services

Application Delivery Controllers (ADC’s) — formerly known as “load balancers” — have become standard IT infrastructure components around the world. Business demands for 24x7x365 availability, sophisticated networking/application traffic management, and heightened security have all combined to push F5 Networks to the top of the ADC market.

However, in many organizations, F5 devices are considered mysterious “black boxes.” Often, no one department embraces the management of this powerful tool, which touches applications, network, middleware, and security. This lack of internal expertise results in increased risk and prevents organizations like yours from fully leveraging their investment in F5 Networks technology.

CyberLocke providing F5-based solutions, solves this dilemma with our cost-effective F5 Expert Management Service for LTM and GTM devices.

  • Initial health check and remediation of configurations to industry best practices.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of LTM and TM devices.
  • 24x7x365 proactive response to detected fault conditions.
  • Management of support cases with F5.
  • Performance of planned application changes.
  • Remote consultation and participation in new application rollouts and migrations.
  • Expert advice on maximizing your  return on your investment in F5 Networks technology

CyberLockes’ F5 Expert Managed Service empowers your IT organization — whether large, small or in between –  to take full advantage of F5’s sophisticated application traffic management capabilities by providing a highly experienced, remote F5 administrator for a fraction of the cost of hiring or training an internal resource.

The Service Covers:

  • Remote support of LTM and GTM on F5 TMOS from Milestone’s NOC.  (Optional support available for EM, ASM, APM, MAM, WAM, WOM)
  • Research of existing systems and document current configurations
  • Maintenance of F5 devices — including failover events, reboots, OS upgrades, license updates, and changes that have potential to impact traffic
  • Configuration of new VLAN’s (Provision Routing, VLAN, Self-IP’s, Forwarding Virtual Servers, Update Trunks/Port-Channels)
  • Trouble Shooting on F5 devices  –  including TCPDUMP, HTTP Watch or Fiddler, iHealth
  • Documentation of configurations on new
  • F5 device installations
  • Testing of all types of supported F5 systems
  • Proper security of F5 systems per customer policy and best practices
  • Health Monitoring of various types (TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, MySQL, ICMP, SMTP, SIP, FTP)
  • Enforcing customer-defined SSL encryption levels
  • Updating of LTM-based GeoLocation load-balancing and database, as needed
  • Participation in conference calls as needed to communicate status and help determine requirements for new and existing systems
  • Implementation of  system migrations for existing servers to become load-balanced on F5 VLAN
  • Check on Swap Memory usage on all devices
  • Monthly usage and performance reports
  • Using customer-provided ticketing system to create Incidents and access, update, and complete Change Requests, Tasks, Service Requests.
  • Removing old configuration after thorough review of usage, components, and
  • dependencies
  • Generating QKVIEW and open F5 support cases, as needed
  • Running EUD tests from customer provided console connection, as needed
  • Implementing system migrations between
  • F5 devices
  • Monitoring all devices for overall system health, noting performance spikes, dips, abnormal traffic patterns, and issues
  • Checking all device logs for unusual activity, per best practices
  • Creation of new and/or modify existing VIP/Pools/Nodes, as needed
  • SSL Certificate matters:  Generating SSL certificate CSR and maintain on single device; exporting and converting for server use; installing and configuring; archiving; verification of  expiration dates and necessary actions prior to expiration
  • Reporting updates on F5 devices, VIP count totals, and VIP count per customer
  • Rebooting devices as needed
  • Managing renewal of support contracts, including Serial Number verification and license updates
  • Updating licenses on F5 devices
  • Implementing OS updates on LTM and GTM standalone devices, and LTM devices in HA pairs
  • Preparing new devices for deployment (after a failed device is replaced via RMA, racked and powered by customer)
  • Enabling two change windows per month during non-business hours.  (More windows are optional)
  • Acquiring and reading updated deployment guides for F5 systems, then  recommending and planning implementation as needed
  • Assistance with F5 Support Cases for issues, failures, and unique configuration.

Optional Services:

  • Support for other F5 devices running F5 TMOS, including BigIQ, ASM, APM, AFM, Advanced WAF
  • Enabling more windows per month, in addition to the included 2 change windows per month during non-business hours.
  • Tracking of load-balanced server VLAN, IP, and VIP addresses;  IP address management.

Out of Scope

(These services are not covered by our F5-Expert Managed Service, but can be provided separately by the CyberLocke Professional Services team)
– Advanced use of iRules requiring more than 4 hours to program and test
– Design of new systems
– Implementing new systems based on design and documentation
– System migrations from legacy load-balancers
– Physical device installation. Physical and logical modifications to cabling and connectivity
– RFQ’s on new devices, feature licenses, and capacity licenses