Managed Cloud Services

Most businesses don’t have the expertise and manpower to provision, deploy, administer, and monitor their cloud assets themselves. People who do have the experience and required skills are usually scarce and expensive. But there’s a better option. You can now hire cloud managed services.

Managed cloud services are the easiest and most reliable way of running your cloud infrastructure. Service providers can take charge of all your cloud maintenance and system management duties. With a good managed services provider, you can maximize your cloud investments, reduce risk, and focus on your core competencies.

Benefits of Cloud Managed Services

  • Save on labor costs – You’ll gain access to certified, highly skilled, and experienced cloud experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full-time.
  • Reduce risk – Highly experienced experts are more capable of identifying and mitigating potential risks in your cloud infrastructure than in-house staff newly trained in cloud technology.
  • Foster innovation – If a managed cloud services provider already takes care of cloud upkeep and firefighting, in-house IT staff can focus on architecting business solutions.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance – These experts are already knowledgeable in regulatory requirements involving cloud solutions and know how to meet them.
  • Boost productivity and efficiency – Cloud experts can easily streamline your cloud infrastructure and eliminate problems that may impede business processes.

The cloud solutions architects at CyberLocke can help design the managed services model for your entire cloud infrastructure to match your business objectives. Below are some of the cloud managed services we can assist you with.

Security Operations Center

To protect cloud and on-premise IT infrastructures from severe cyberattacks, companies are diverting precious resources to a SOC, or Security Operations Center. A SOC is a specialized unit devoted to incident response and threat analysis, that runs 24/7, monitoring and analyzing network traffic, data access, and system activity.

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Cloud Operation Center

Companies that have invested in or are considering cloud technology are under tremendous pressure to keep their cloud infrastructure operating securely, efficiently, and optimally 24/7. A Cloud Operation Center typically runs around the clock and provides assistance to all business units, regardless of timezone or time.

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