Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud initiatives performed without expert guidance are more likely to fail. They often suffer from overspending, inefficient delivery of services, regulatory non-compliance, and a host of other legal, financial and technical issues that make the benefits of cloud computing seem out of reach.

What you need are people who understand each step of the cloud adoption journey and can seamlessly align them with your own business goals and objectives.

The solutions architects at Cyberlocke have been helping organizations with their cloud initiatives for years. The cloud solutions we architect provide our customers cost savings, business agility, and customer satisfaction.

Through our cloud consulting services, we will guide you through the cloud adoption process. We offer a complete suite of cloud consulting services, including:

Cloud Assessments

Before you migrate to the cloud, it’s important to understand the specific benefits, risks, and best strategies for cloud adoption. Cloud assessments conducted by the experts at Cyberlocke consist of several components to help you understand possible costs, ROI, and other vital information to aid decision making.

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Cloud Migration

We migrate data, applications, and workloads from on-premise data centers to the cloud or from one cloud infrastructure to another. Our migrations start with a deep and extensive assessment and planning process. This enables us to identify risks, apply appropriate mitigation, and outline a roadmap for a seamless cloud migration.

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Cloud Implementation

Cloud Implementation is a complex web of migrations, system integrations, and change management. Cyberlocke carries out all customization and implementations needed to help you enable cloud infrastructures with high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery capabilities.

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Cloud Architecture and Design

The quality of every cloud infrastructure depends highly on its underlying architecture. Poorly designed clouds are often besieged by a host of problems. In order to realize the benefits of cloud computing, businesses must adopt best practices from the beginning—it all starts with exceptional cloud architecture and design.

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